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Former Miss Teen International - Garin Harris

Most people will tell you that Garin is a creative person. She began her involvement with the arts at eighteen months old when she began playing the violin. By the age of two she was being trained in classical ballet. It was through those classes where she learned discipline and many other life skills. Who knew that those classes would help her family and thousands of other people later on in her life.

Garin has served as a caregiver for her mother after she received a defective flu shot when Garin was young. Garin quickly realized that basic stretches, exercises, and ballet moves helped more than most medications. A few years later she developed Dancing Through the Pain as a program to help chronic pain patients throughout the world.

Now, Garin has developed a website,YouTube channel, and APP, allowing free access to resources for pain patients worldwide. As a U. S. Pain Foundation Ambassador it is her top priority to advocate for the chronic pain community, as well as serve as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She encourages teens to start a heart healthy lifestyle at a young age because 80% of heart disease and stroke events may be prevented by lifestyle changes and education!

She is excited to see what adventures and opportunities the rest of this year brings!