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Miss Teen Maryland International®

Chanta McNeill

People's Choice Award

1.What is the funniest thing you remember as a child?
I would have to say my favorite food would be probably two things. First would be French fries only because it’s easy quick and on the go for long or shorts trips and a very common finger food. Second would have to be steak because this might be the only main meat that I can say that I could never get tired of at all. At any restaurant I would normally get these two things and I would be in heaven.

2.What is the one piece of clothing you wish you owned?
My idea of a perfect date would of course be getting a good game plan for that day, along with the activities. Activities to me for a perfect date would be getting food delivered or going to pick up food for our favorite spot. On a good sunny day we could go outside for a picnic and eat while we listen to music maybe even paint or if it’s a little under the weather we could stay at home watch a movie while we learn more about each other.

3.What season of the year is your favorite and why?
One thing I would do in my free time would most likely be cleaning. I am a very busy young lady juggling cheer practice, basketball practice and track practice as well as being the team manager for track. Running home to change clothes and running right backout is my specialty. Then coming home to a room full of clothes on my floor and bed, there’s really nothing to do until the weekend when I wash and fold clothes.

4.What is your favorite movie?
The last place I went shopping would probably be Nike when I went to look for some gear for cheer, track, and basketball. I went to look for new shorts for cheer and track. While I was there, I thought about basketball, so I got more socks, and I bought more basketball shoes and basketball shorts to start my season off early. I started to look at track spikes but track season will be over soon so there was no reason for buying those.

5.What song makes you think of yourself?
Makeup could be used for many different things. An important events/occasion, outings, etc. Makeup can be used to enhance your beauty as well as your character and talent. The only bad thing that could be said about makeup is that many people could take it too far thinking they could change completely with it and that could be an internal feeling that they can’t see or feel the beauty on the outside. In conclusion makeup is not important, how you care yourself show the true beauty.