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Erica Dutton

People's Choice Award

1.What is the funniest thing you remember as a child?
The food that I love most is Kraft Mac and Cheese! I have fond memories of my aunt making Kraft Mac & Cheese for me during my visits with her as a kid, and I haven’t let go of those happy memories since. If we’re being particular, I would definitely say that I personally love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Shapes the best! There’s just something about simple pasta that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

2.What is the one piece of clothing you wish you owned?
My idea of a perfect date includes watching a race car driving match with whoever that special someone is! With my interests in both sporting events and performance, I’d absolutely love to spend a day on the sidelines cheering on a group of racers. A car show or a night out in the city could be a nice alternative depending on the interests of the other person. The most important thing for me in terms of a perfect date would be knowing that both of us were enjoying ourselves.

3.What season of the year is your favorite and why?
My weekends almost always consist of competing in a regatta. I really enjoy rowing alongside my rowing crew teammates and I always like to embrace my competitive side! I take pride in the weekends away from home because I know that everything we’ve done to prepare as a team comes down to special moments we share during a race. The card games and awesome snacks we partake in during race day are always the cherry on top!

4.What is your favorite movie?
My most recent shopping spree was right before my Virginia International State Pageant! I went shopping with one of my close friends, Donna, at one of our local malls. I ended up leaving with my favorite drink of all time; vanilla milk tea with boba! Of course, I had to steal a few last looks at all of the gorgeous prom dresses in the windows as we were leaving as well. Retail therapy is certainly at the top of the list for me when it comes to de-stressing from time to time.

5.What song makes you think of yourself?
I see makeup as a very creative outlet and important way of expression. As a part-time model, I see the significance that makeup holds during a photoshoot, usually enhancing the artistic design or vision of a photographer. In any case, I do recognize how important makeup can be, and I believe that makeup can have value without determining an individual’s self worth. The art of makeup can make or break a storyline or prospect in terms of the production industry, which is something that I find quite unique about it.